Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tunnel Of Love

by Matthew Sanborn Smith

This other universe wasn't mostly space like ours. It was mostly matter with planet sized pockets of space floating around within. The deep miners were the great explorers of their systems, seeking out new pockets of life with ultrasound and seismic equipment. But what to do with all that dirt?

The Pythians were the boldest of all people, digging a tunnel so large that the dirt filled up their world. They obliterated their homeland for the promise of first contact. From that point on, the tunnel was their home and they roamed the reverse galaxies in an enormous worm-world. Where they made contact, they did their level best to bring love, even to those who made war upon them.

It was understandable, after all, when your world is going along swimmingly and suddenly an entire alien civilization pokes its head up through the ground, you might be startled and pull a trigger. Only natural. But love was a powerful thing. And alien love was kinky enough to calm the politicians into submission. After a period of cross-pollination and cultural exchange, the Love Tunnel rolled on.

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