Saturday, December 23, 2006

Man Of The Worlds, Part VII

"Most of my people have never seen an adult Anamather."

"That is true. Then they must deem us a horrible species considering what they have seen."

The World Walker decided not to respond to that. "Do you have any idea to whom this child belongs?"

"Would you allow one of my thought reapers to collect your experiences of the young one?"

This thought put the Blue Man ill at ease. "Would I still have the experience or would it be wiped away? Also can I have your word that your reaper won't look for more than that single experience?"

"You will retain absolutely everything. And I can assure you that our creatures are well trained and hold their lives more dearly than we do."

"Then you may proceed."

A tall, gangly creature appeared between the two beds. The World Walker had trouble picking out the details of the reaper's body in the dim light.

"Bend toward me, please," Ithcyer requested in a soft voice.

The Blue Man did as asked and closed his eyes. In time, he felt the touch of several thin, greasy appendages about his head and squirming beneath his damaged armor to rest on his back. He felt a ticklish sensation and then a burning as the worm-like sensors burrowed into his flesh. His body twitched and his thoughts raced as Ithcyer tried to put him at ease: "You're his first human. He's just getting the feel of things. It will be over in just a moment."

And it was. He rose to see the stalks writhing from the thought reaper's head as they found their ways into the pre- existing holes of Ithcyer's belly\head.

"Ah, my creature knows of this one. I shall alert the parent of your coming."

The reaper disappeared. After an exchange of farewells, the Blue Man found himself in the cave of one Moragadriel. He was offered no bed.

"Ithcyer's pet has told me that you were unfortunate enough to feel the presence of my child, World Walker. In answer to your next, most logical question, yes, you may slay it."

"I thank you, Moragadriel, although I am not sure I am able to. My only option may be to try to drive it out. Would you be receptive to it?"

"Not enthusiastically, but I shall not turn it away. My child left of its own accord, as many of them do, though few have found your master's world. It was an accident, I'll warrant, but perhaps there is some hope for the monster."

The Blue Man bowed. "I appreciate your time and hope that my business is swift. I have but one more request."
"0f course."

The World Walker found himself blinded by a bright light and wiped the mask from his eyes to break the spell. He was back on the property of old Soot, in the midst of an almost riotous mob.

(To Be Continued)

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