Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Random thoughts:

Last week was a stink week. My too many early mornings schedule turned me into a zombie and next to no work got done. The last few days have been better but I'm still over two-thousand words behind on the novel. No sweat.

My daughter, Ivory, and I decided today that Mountain Dew comes from the Mountain Dew squirrel, a tiny species that lives in pant pockets and scurries along house and car keys the way its older cousins run through the treetops. Thousands of these are thrown into a press at one time and are squeezed until Mountain Dew comes out. It was all cutesy until that last part, I know.

Anxiety visits us all now and again but when we visit my sister-in-law there are times when I achieve true peace of mind. See, I've got this sort of phobia about running out of toilet paper. I've even been known to run to the store near the moment of truth just to stock up. But when I sit and do my dirty business in her bathroom I have at times counted up to twenty-four rolls of toilet paper in there, all within reach. I can't tell you the feeling of security that gives me, knowing that there's nothing that I'm physically capable of doing that would require more than twenty-four rolls of toilet paper for clean-up. So cheers to you, Bev.

Finally, this thing is just frickin' cool: The Jeep Waterfall.

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