Sunday, April 20, 2008


When Hoodwinked came out in the theaters, I wanted nothing to do with it, though the other family members went to see it and enjoyed it. I generally hate kids movies and the ads just looked like they were playing against stereotypes in the most worn way, particularly in the character of Granny who was into extreme sports. But as we did some early birthday things for me and worked on the wife's homework over at her house today, they popped Hoodwinked on and I had more than a few good laughs. Save for my original issues with the movie, it was really well written, funny and had a clever interweaving storyline. And Patrick Warburton did the voice of the wolf. I don't care that he's done a hundred animated characters and they all sound the same. He's got one of the greatest voices ever. I could listen to him all day. Good music too. If you haven't seen this movie, take a look. You might even let the kids join you.

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