Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sing The Iron Man Song

I saw Iron Man today. It was a good film and faithful to the spirit of the comic. Robert Downey Jr. is fantastic. It's so nice to see a superhero movie where you don't feel like the actors are just reading lines. The movie is going to reach a lot of eyes and I hope it encourages kids to look into engineering later in life.

Many years ago I wrote some Iron Man lyrics to the tune of the old 1960s Spider-Man cartoon (before that shitty Bio-Dome movie tried to do the same). For your enjoyment:

Iron Man, Iron Man
Does whatever an iron can
Plug him in anywhere
Wear your clothes like you really care
Steam on!
Here comes the Iron Man

If it's permanent press
Press your favorite dress
If it's cotton or wool
He's so hot, he's so cool!

Iron Man, Iron Man
Friendly neighborhood Iron Man
Plug him in, press your pants
Man, those wrinkles don't stand a chance
Steam on!
Wherever there's some static
You find your clothes erratic
Turn on the Iron Man!

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