Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Today on the StarShipSofa

Hello Everyone. I've acquired a new piece of life as a promotional guy for my favorite podcast, StarShipSofa, so you'll be seeing posts from me here as new episodes come out. See here:

Today's show:
StarShipSofa, The Audio Science Fiction Magazine, presents:
Main Fiction: Secret Life by Jeff VanderMeer
Article: Fouque by Amy Sturgis
Flash Fiction: Toujours Voir by David Brin
Poetry: Confessions Of A Body Thief by Bruce Boston
Narrators: Grant Stone, Jim Campanella, Julie Davis
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Interview in iProng!:
Learn about the inner workings of the StarShipSofa and her captain, reformed pyromaniac Tony C. Smith, in the June 10th issue of iProng.

Coming Soon:
The Sofa touches down in Paris for its first ever video transmission! An interview by Tony and Ciaran with science fiction and fantasy legend Michael Moorcock. Details to come!

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