Sunday, August 03, 2008

In Which The Plucky Little Squirrel Learns A Lesson

You can use your heroes to effectively fuck yourself up if you're not paying close attention. I've been reading and watching interviews with Alan Moore the past few days and some sick part of me told the rest of me that I wasn't working enough like Alan Moore and that I really needed to start doing so. The rest of me, being a Big Dummy the likes of which even Fred Sanford had never seen, said, "Okay, yeah."

Then all of me proceeded to beat all of me up for the remainder of the day.

I slap myself in the face and scream in a television drama sort of way, "Get a hold of myself!" One Alan Moore is precisely the amount of Alan Moores that the universe needs. You'd think that in middle age I wouldn't need to be told this, but I do. I've got to do life my own way, no matter how awesome those other people are doing. I think if Mr. Moore read this, he would agree whole-heartedly.

And then maybe he'd call me a git, if he uses that word.

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