Monday, August 04, 2008


By Matthew Sanborn Smith

After tens of thousands of years in our present form, we finally realized that maybe, like us, humanity itself was a multi-cellular creature and all of us, well, we were just cells. We started watching us, then, real close, to see what we were up to. Looked kinda fuzzy from here. Of course, we pointed out, our cells, the little ones that make up our individual bodies, you know, blood cells, bone cells, skin cells, they probably couldn't see what was going on in the big picture from their perspective either.

We thought, well, maybe, trying to see what we're on about is actually throwing it all off. We agreed, but then replied, if we could understand what the hell we were up to, we're a damned sight better than we were.

We made ourselves feel bad with that, so we just went back to selling shoes and killing ourselves.

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