Sunday, December 07, 2008

Classin' This Dump Up

I had the weekend from Heck. It gave weekends a bad name.

Welcome, Grant! Those followers are really rolling in now. To show Grant what a classy joint we run here at The One-Thousand, I present the following:

UPDATE: Damn it! NBC must have come down on youtube. Most versions are gone and embedding on this one is disabled. For some reason, I can still link to it. Well, we'll see how long the link lasts:


Grant said...

Hey, 'dis sure is a classy joint you got here. Got some of that imported beer? Hey, you gonna eat that bagel? Fuggedaboutit!

What? This is the way I always talk,

Church said...

"Embedding disabled by request"

It looks like NBC is pressuring Lonely Island to disallow embedding, so the link should continue to work.

Matthew Sanborn Smith said...

Youse guys is the best.