Monday, December 22, 2008

Two Exits, No Waiting

Food poisoning yesterday. Absolutely trashed me. As Robin Williams put it, "Your body says, 'Everybody out! Two exits, no waiting!'" Nine hours of that! And then I could barely move. The wife picked me up to take me to her house and take care of me. She had to help me get dressed. A Powerade did wonders for me. That and many, many hours of sleep. I still had to call out of work today, just walking the dog put me back in bed for hours. I'm feeling much better now and should be back at it tomorrow.

I just sent out The Dog Planet. That's number 88 of The One-Thousand. I'd write more, but I've got a bazillion things to catch up on and it wouldn't surprise me if more sleep was one of them.


Diane Severson said...

Aw, Matt. I'm back in front of a computer after basically 2 weeks away, so I had no idea you were ill. I would've sent some virtual lovin' if I had. I'll have to continue reading to know whether you are recovered or whether you are now an invalid. Food poisoning is no fun. What poisoned you?!?

Matthew Sanborn Smith said...

In retrospect, I'm thinking it was a virus, because everything that I ate the day before was eaten by someone else who was fine. However, I've heard a few stories from friends and family who had the same symptoms. I felt better a couple of days later. Thanks for caring!

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