Saturday, January 03, 2009

How Matty Got His Groove Back

I realized that between the illness and the holidays, I have totally blown my post-a-day streak. So here we are, minutes before midnight, and I'm sticking this one in here mostly as a place holder so I can get this thing back on the tracks.

I checked. Turns out I'm not Doctor Who.

I forgot to mention the titles of my last two stories. 89 was Mirror Man and 90 was Fall of the Hunters which Thaumatrope just bought today.

That's it. I want to post before midnight.


Church said...

They just bought it? Did they lift their hold, or was it in before they stopped taking submissions?

When is it scheduled for? That's got to be close to the end of their current que.

Matthew Sanborn Smith said...

I sent it in before they were closed to submissions. It took them a while to get to it. It's scheduled for September 4th. #futureJer must be destroyed. That is all.