Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I've Been A Wiener

But what's new? It's been what? Like a couple of weeks since the Sofanauts Awards, and I haven't mentioned the winners, which I would have had I won. Sorry. Amy won in my category and I'm happy, because although I told people to vote for me, I voted for her. For the simple reason that I think her articles are better than mine. Here are all the winners:

Best Flash Fiction: Spider Robinson - "In The Olden Days"

Best Main Fiction: Ted Chiang - "The Merchant & the Alchemists Gate"

Best Poetry Contributor: Laurel Winter

Best Fact Article Contributor: Amy H Sturgis

Best Narrator: Spider Robinson

Pretty much anybody who was nominated could have won and I would have been happy with the results because the Sofa is just that good.

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Church said...

I've got to second your comment that anyone could win and it'd make perfect sense. (The talent at the 'Sofa is insanely deep. I don't know how Tony does it. )

The Chiang vs. Santos matchup was one of the tougher ones for me, but I loved having to vote on the "head" story vs. the "gut" story. I went with "gut," but it makes perfect sense that "head" won.