Monday, April 27, 2009


I've got a new follower! Welcome, Melissa. For those of you who aren't Melissa, we used to go to school together in another life. I've been something like thirteen hundred miles from home for a long, long time and it's always good to see someone (or their .jpg) from the salad days.

Strangely, another old school chum is working with me this week. Lance (yes, Missy, that Lance) is training in my store before heading back to his regular location. I saw him yesterday after a twenty year hiatus. I like it when mildly interesting things like that happen. I'd like it more if really interesting things would happen, but I take what I can get.

So I've been after the boy to talk with his guidance counselor so he can take those dual enrollment classes (I'm sure I mentioned them here at some point. College classes in high school, earn college credits, absolutely free.). Last Thursday, he brings home his worst report card ever. One B, One C, four Ds and an F. Suddenly I went from dreaming of college to wondering if he's going to be spending a second year in tenth grade. His mother and I assessed the situation and decided that he should live with her at least while class is in session. He spends far too much time with his friends and not nearly enough studying. So now he should get his homework done, study for tests, get more sleep and eat better food (His mother is a great cook). He moved in yesterday and I brought his bed over there today. That leaves one dog and me here. I'll miss the boy while he's gone, but I'll get more sleep and the house will be a lot more quiet.

Birthday. It was nothing spectacular, but I had a great day. Ate some Big Macs, which is sort of a tradition for me. If you hadn't figured it out yet, I'm a man of coarse tastes. Bought some comics, another thing I don't often do, went to the wife's house for cake, ice cream and socks and all in all had a nice day. Even with the worst ever report card the day before and the knowledge that the boy would be moving out, I was determined to have a good day. I turned off my internal misery machine. Why don't I do that more often? To be honest, I hadn't noticed the switch on the back before.

I've purposely not written anything for days now. I wanted a little break and I wanted to get a little bit of reading done, I'll probably start again soon. Let's go to the board now, shall we?

Let's see, current age has rolled over, we're now at 40. Current story count is 101. That means I have ten years left in which to write 899 stories. To be more precise, 3,649 days (I have a little widget that tracks that) or 1 story every 4.0589544 days.



Nanny Goats In Panties said...

As Anne Lamott says, "bird by bird". Actually, I think she got that from someone else, like her grandmother. Anyway, I admire your ambition - I hope you reach that goal (and become wildly successful in the process).

Matthew Sanborn Smith said...

Hey, thanks for your support and it's nice to meet you. I find your name strangely erotic. I'll chalk it up to my youth on the farm.