Sunday, April 19, 2009

Real Enough

This is kind of a pisser. I can't embed this video. I guess I'll just link to it. Back in the days before MTV, HBO had a half-hour show called Video Jukebox on which they showed music videos. This was so long ago, we didn't even know what to call videos. I'd say to my friends, "Did you see that . . . You know those movies they play with the songs in them? That one for Blondie?" I was glad once they were named. It made things faster and I didn't sound like an idiot (at least not for that particular reason). Anywho, I first saw this video on Video Jukebox and I saw it enough that it hooked me and although I've hardly seen it at all since then, it's stuck with me. It's Real Enough by Doug and the Slugs. It starts off sounding like a Doo-Wop song, then gets kinda Ska and then they throw in some solo guitar you might hear in a hard rock tune and what it winds up as is very eighties. I still like it, maybe you will as well:

And here's the link to the first ever Sofanauts show. I'm happy to have been a part of it. Tony cleaned it up a bit in editing and Martyn's intro and outro are wonderful. Enjoy:

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