Thursday, April 22, 2010

Youse Guys

As they say in New Jersey, thanks, youse guys! For you foreigners, pronounce it like "use guys." I want to thank everyone who tossed some money in the Mango pot. I'm not totally in the clear yet but your donations (and some of them were more generous than I could have expected) have really helped. I'm currently taking steps to get more control over my financial life. More hustle will be needed on my part, but that's good motivation.

In other news, I participated in the latest Mind Meld over at SF Signal. This go around, we were asked, "What are the coolest robots in science fiction?" You can check out my answers, along with everyone else's here:

Something else that's good: I'm currently working on Fiction Crawler 9 for the Sofa! It's been around seven months since I did number 8! I'll send it Tony's way soon, though I don't when he'll choose to run it. I'll let you know. The six stories I recommend are among the best I've ever recommended. You can't wait!

Speaking of Sofa neglect, I do that too much. Let's see what's going on there this week.

Aural Delights No 131 Gregory Frost

Editorial: Goodbye Steve by Tony C Smith

Fact Article: Observation Lounge by Cheryl Morgan

Promo: The Gamma Quadrant Podcast

Main Fiction: Madonna of the Maquilador by Gregory Frost

Narrators: J.J. Campanella


Church said...

No love for The Runaway Robot?

These kids today...

Matthew Sanborn Smith said...

Um . . . sorry. I don't know what robot you're talking about. But thanks for the Jeanne Robinson fundraiser link.

Church said...

Ah, dammit! Stupid copy and paste.

Lester Frakin' Del Ray's Runaway Robot.

Read it or get off my lawn.