Wednesday, March 07, 2012

All You Need Is Money

My natural state is brokety-broke, but I had a nice influx of dough last week, tax refund and an insurance refund. Paid off a credit card and another bill and caught up on some others and spent a little something on myself. When I was a kid, say eleven and twelve, The Beatles were like a religion to me. Honestly, you wouldn't have wanted to spend time with me. I actually got the words "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" embroidered in big letters on the back of my windbreaker. Total douche. Anyway when high school rolled up, I moved onto other things like Black Sabbath and masturbation and put The Beatles aside. I had pretty much ODed on them anyway. I still dig a little Beatles here and there, but I didn't own the music anymore. So with said dough in hand, I downloaded The Beatles Box Set from iTunes. To put it in metric figures, this set equals 1 assload of Beatles music, Pretty much everything a fan who has a life outside of The Beatles would ever want to own.

I'm loving the shit out of it.

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