Friday, June 15, 2012

Me And My Caffeine

I was miserable a couple of weeks ago. I know what things I need to do to straighten myself out but I fail to do them. For instance, although some caffeine can sometimes pull me out of a mild depression, lots and lots of caffeine can send me into a severe depression because I don't sleep enough. The amount of sleep I get directly affects my mood.

So I decided to quit caffeine. Again. Normally when I do that I get a wicked headache a day or two after my last hit and once that goes away, I'm good to go. So I got the headache and I bravely rode it out. Then two days later I got another headache. I got another a day after that. Then I got nauseous while I was eating. And I LOVE eating! Two days after that, I got the headache, the nausea and then I started vomiting.

I said to myself, "You know what? I think I'll have a cup of coffee." All symptoms of caffeine withdrawal went away in about an hour.

Now if this had happened years ago I would have gone back to my 20 oz. coffee and 44 oz. Mountain Dew a day habit. I'm slightly wiser now. I'm drinking only one small cup of coffee a day and that in the morning. No symptoms and I'm still sleeping pretty well and feeling a hell of a lot better in general.

I'd say, "Happy Ending," but life's not over yet.

I hope.

No. Not over yet.


Christie said...

I hate it when I try to make a positive change and my body totally sabotages me! Damn that sounds awful. Glad you're feeling better now.

Matthew Sanborn Smith said...

Thanks! Yeah, my body pulls that shit on me too. That week, my brain kept saying to my body, "We're on the same side! We're on the same side!"

Wendy Wagner; said...

Good grief! That sounds awful! I'm glad you've wrangled a compromise.

Tell ya what--I'll drink your extra coffee, okay? ;)