Wednesday, May 07, 2014


I don't check stats on who unfollows me on social media sites, but I know some people do, or they at least hide my feeds. I know some of the people I follow and I know the stuff I post is definitely not their type of thing. Some find it offensive, whether it's about gross bodily functions or politics. I understand that it's offensive to some and they won't want to see it.

I'm thinking about this because of the glut of Mango posts I do, especially in May. My feeds look like one big advertisement and I hate seeing that on other people's feeds. So, I question myself. Should I be doing this? Should I have separate accounts for the Mango? Maybe I'll do that in the future. But even without the Mango, I post offensive stuff.

What I'm thinking today is that I'd rather have a smaller group of followers who know what they're getting from me and enjoying it, than have many thousands of followers while trying to remain as bland as possible and being another face in the feed. I'm not slamming people who want to remain all inclusive. We all have to live with ourselves in the end. Make the decisions that feel right to you. I'm going this way.

Fuck pussy shit. Eat the rich, etc.


Snard said...

WHAT?!?! EAT THE RICH?! That offends my sensibilities as a vegetarian.



Matthew Sanborn Smith said...

I meant the billionaire broccoli people! Please don't leave!