Sunday, October 16, 2005

Little Steps

Alright, it didn’t go so well last night. By the time I pulled my son off of the computer and sent him to bed, I got about a half an hour of writing that I wasn’t crazy about before my wife pulled me away. I’m living for the occasional weekdays that I’m home and nobody else is around. That’s when I’m at my most productive. Whatever I can squeeze in around that, I should be grateful for.

Tonight has been a little better so far. I hit upon a completely different story that I pulled out from the files and it has the potential to be finished and good sooner than "The Purpose of the Machine." This one is called "Roothi’s Reassignment" and I should be able to polish it up within the next few days and have it completed.

I should explain what constitutes a completed story. It’s not just anything with a beginning, middle and an end. To qualify, it has to be a story that I deem ready for submission to a magazine. Now admittedly, some of my first forty-four stories were pretty bad and I realized it eventually. But at one point I thought they were good enough to be published and I sent each of them out at least once. And that’s all it takes.

This blog is accomplishing what it’s supposed to, even if there isn’t a soul that’s reading it. As long as I believe someone might be reading, I feel the obligation to work on my stories and not to be a completely lazy ass. It’s getting me moving a little bit each day. There will be momentum, trust me. You just can’t see it from here.

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