Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Finally 50

No, not fifty years old, but fifty stories! It came about thusly: A couple years back I wrote a script for the first issue of a comic book series I was creating called Unity. Unity #1 was story number thirty-one for me. Anyway, I shopped the script around to a couple of places with no luck and then I was stuck, because other publishers wanted to see a whole comic book with art and the whole thing, not just a script. I didn’t know any artists and I didn’t want to go out of my way to meet any, so that was that. Fast forward to last week. I was hanging out with my comic shop owning compadre, Capt. Joel at Big Dog Comics and he sez he’s got artists coming down for an event, so I sez, if I give you my script will you show it to ‘em? So he sez, he sez, sure.

So I figured, I had enough notes for issue two and a couple days to work on it, so I write a few scenes and viola, I’ve got Unity #2 and story number fifty. Nifty!

I think there was already a comic called Unity, so if I’m right, I’ll have to find myself a new title, but such is life.

Monday, March 13, 2006

A Bad Couple of Weeks

I’ve had a bad couple of weeks, not wanting to write a thing. I thought I wanted to write. I’d sit down to write, I’d even make some horrid little belches of thought on the computer screen, but it was not in me. I forced it for a smidge and then I just gave up and gave in. I’m hoping I’ll be kicking in to normality very soon rewriting my sad draft of A Girl in Crisis. And then I can feel a couple of quick ones coming over the horizon. I know my productivity has been ridiculously poor these past few months. I have not given up on my goal of one-thousand stories by my fiftieth year. I know what you’re thinking. Just you wait. I’ll show you. I’ll show you all! (Maniacal laughter as he rubs his hands together and finalizes his design for a machine that will give the cheerleader prom queen that stood him up all those years ago the head of a yak and the football player she ran off with a nasty infection where he makes pee-pee.)