Sunday, September 08, 2013

If You're Tired

There are a  lot of bad things in the world, some incredibly large. If you're fighting to destroy those bad things, you're doing noble work and we all owe you for your efforts. The odds can seem impossible to overcome. You're fighting against the status quo. You're fighting against large numbers of entrenched people or a handful of powerful people. If you can keep fighting the good fight, you are truly a remarkable person and I wish there were more like you.

But if you're tired, if you've given up, if you've come to the rational conclusion that you can't destroy the negative thing, try the opposite. Build a positive thing. We need more good things as desperately as we need less bad things and clean water can flush out the dirty. You may find your energy again. You may find your life transformed. You may be amazed at the response you get from others who had also been tired.

You may leave the world a better place.