Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Review on StarShipSofa

Hey, everyone, take a gander at the review I wrote about John Scalzi's The Android's Dream at StarShipSofa:

And when you've read that, click on the sofa's homepage, scroll down a little and download and listen to Spider Robinson's fun fun fun story Distraction, a big hit on the forums and with good reason.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thank You For Not Hitting Me With A Bus

I made it! Loyal readers of The One-Thousand may recall that one year ago I wrote a fearful post on the occasion of my Thirty-Eighth birthday, begging one and all not to hit me with a bus. When I was a teenager my friends and I had a weird running joke that I would die at Thirty-Eight years of age. And the cause of death? Being hit by a bus. I don't believe in the supernatural, but I do believe in the freaky power of the human mind and I was always concerned that my Id might get a kick out of throwing itself and the rest of me in front of a bus just for the thrill of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Well, here's to you Super-Ego, for keeping that bastard Id in check once more. Now that I'm past that hurdle, I'll never have to worry about dying again!

Oh, yeah, and Happy Birthday to me.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


When Hoodwinked came out in the theaters, I wanted nothing to do with it, though the other family members went to see it and enjoyed it. I generally hate kids movies and the ads just looked like they were playing against stereotypes in the most worn way, particularly in the character of Granny who was into extreme sports. But as we did some early birthday things for me and worked on the wife's homework over at her house today, they popped Hoodwinked on and I had more than a few good laughs. Save for my original issues with the movie, it was really well written, funny and had a clever interweaving storyline. And Patrick Warburton did the voice of the wolf. I don't care that he's done a hundred animated characters and they all sound the same. He's got one of the greatest voices ever. I could listen to him all day. Good music too. If you haven't seen this movie, take a look. You might even let the kids join you.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Jonathan Coulton

I've heard some of Jonathan Coulton's music on the Escape Pod podcast over the past however long and he's finally reached critical mass in my mind so today I had to look into him and pass him on to you. Jonathan Coulton writes some fun and funny and incredibly geeky songs. Finally a mad scientist song in the shape of Skullcrusher Mountain! How long have we needed that? My favorite so far is Chiron Beta Prime, a Christmas song (obviously), with Code Monkey a close second. The First of May is coming up. All of you young lovers should give it a listen. On top of everything else, his music is good. Check out a great selection of his songs here: