Monday, January 16, 2023


Just completed and shipped out story 190, "The Orange Man," a science fantasy about an immigrant who's in over his head in a strange new city.

Sunday, January 01, 2023

How I Hope 2023 Will Go

Happy New Year!

So, yesterday I went over how badly I failed at my 2022 goals. I was struck by the fact that I may have written more words last year than any previous year and yet I finished less fiction than almost any year since I started writing... uh... thirty-two years ago?(!) Holy shit.

Anyway, I've only got one real goal this year and that is to finish and submit twenty-four short stories. I'll still track word counts and submissions, and I'm also going to help my dog lose weight by feeding her less and getting her to move more, but the only goal I'm going to be uptight about is finishing those stories. Flash fiction won't count toward the twenty-four (Though they will count toward the One-Thousand). I think if I can meet this goal, it will be a real turning point in my writing career. I'm excited and now I'm going to stop writing this, so I can start writing those. Have a great 2023!