Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Random Thought

I was thinking about a life’s work last night. We all have our life’s work, whether or not we’re conscious of it. Our life habits contribute to it because whatever we do consistently is going to become enormous over the course of a lifetime. And maybe your life’s work is nothing more than shaping your mind a certain way or collecting a certain type of knick-knack. It ain’t deep, necessarily. It’s what we end up with at the end of our lives, the results of what we’ve done more than anything else in the time we had. Maybe that’s twenty albums we’ve recorded or a collection of rare computer parts and maybe that’s also clogged arteries or impacted colons.
We build more bone tissue on our skeletons in the places upon which we place the most stress. Where there is less stress we actually lose tissue. It’s just like muscle. We’re sculpting our very bones with our day to day actions. We’re sculpting not only our bones and muscles but our other organs as well. We’re sculpting our minds, our bank accounts, our families, our homes, our jobs, our world and our lives, among countless other things, not as much with the big unusual actions we occasionally take (although those can be important) but with the things we do consciously or unconsciously day after day after day. Think on that, because it’s with us in every moment like a heartbeat but how much attention to we ever give it considering how important it is?

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