Saturday, May 13, 2006


Number fifty-one is in the can. It’s A Girl in Crisis and it’s on its way to an editor as you read this, assuming, of course, that you’re reading this as it’s on its way to an editor. Next up is Process Five which I’m hoping will become number fifty-two by about this time next week.

I’ve found some motivation, suddenly, because my wife wants to stick a ridiculously large addition onto the house. An addition that I can’t afford to pay someone else to build, and therefore must build myself. I don’t like to build things. If I did, I’d already be building them instead of doing what I am doing, which is not building things. Then it hit me: if I could make a reasonably steady income by writing, maybe I could farm some of this work out. I’m not looking for huge amounts of money, just some. Some is more than I’m getting now. So I’ve spent more time with my keyboard this past week than I have in a while and I’m hoping to keep that trend going.

From the incredibly nifty department, I have to recommend Connie, Maybe, a January podcast of a story written by Paul E. Martens on Escape Pod. Not only is it a good story, but it’s read by the wonderfully voiced Wichita Rutherford. It’s a joy just to bask in the synergy that these two gentlemen have created. I’m done here, so check it out now.

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