Tuesday, December 12, 2006


by Matthew Sanborn Smith

Pissin' feels so great
That I can hardly wait
To drain my six-inch vein*
Of that which causes my bladder such pain.

I love to fill the toilet,
But I never miss, cause that would spoil it.
With colors of brilliant liquid gold
I paint the inside of that bowl.

Now quite relieved, my legs collapse.
But I'll strike again, tomorrow perhaps!
I love my urine and it loves me,
but there's nothing I like better than a nice, long pee.

*(I wrote this poem as a teenager (like you couldn't tell) and the second half of this line originally read, "eleven-inch vein." Years later I got real and changed it. I'm willing to fess up. Are you?)

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Anonymous said...

Haha, little too much info by the star but funny none the less. I actually linked it from my site.