Saturday, January 13, 2007

Give It Up

For those of you lamenting the dearth of quality fork art in today's society, I give you this.

I've got a couple of blog stories brewing in the old AlphaSmart, they're not ready just yet. Maybe you can have one for dinner tomorrow

Today started out as a bad day. I ate crap all day, did some mindless shopping and wrote maybe three sentences. I did get a story idea, but overall, what a waste. Around seven p.m., I gave up on feeling miserable about it and decided to throw myself into the badness wholeheartedly. I ate more shitty food and watched TV all night. Fuck it, why not take a day off once in a while? I at least had the presence of mind to stick something on the blog.

Sorry I haven't been blogging, but if I don't have a story, I just don't have anything interesting going on about which to write. Case in point: these four paragraphs.

In other news, besides today, the New Year's Resolution is moving along well. I've been writing slightly over five hundred words a day and started out a little ahead of the game to give myself a little cushion, so we're looking at over thirty-seven thousand words so far. I've got about half a first draft now.

Tomorrow will be a better day. I can feel it. (No, I can't. Tomorrow might suck too. What do I look like, a precog? And there's a big container of cheeseballs on the air hockey table that just keeps calling to me.)

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