Sunday, February 04, 2007

Milk Schmilk

Since you've grown up, have you ever just rolled around on the floor for the sake of doing so? Why don't we do that anymore? Sure your floor is filthy but that never stopped you when you were a kid. Kids are pretty stupid. I once or twice looked up at the night sky in terror, and wondered why Orion or the Great Bear or some of the other creatures up there didn't just come down and crush us or eat us. And I was seventeen at the time.

I'm like a week behind now in novel land. Don't give up hope. Push on.

In the future we'll all have artificial breasts, men and women alike, but they'll contain liquids other than milk if we so choose. Perhaps ketchup for instance. Who hasn't been caught in their car with a piping hot order of french fries and not a ketchup packet in sight? We'll all have these two wonderful, portable, containers of liquid at our disposal everywhere we go. Eminently practical and at the same time highly erotic. Hell, in the future our technology will be so advanced we won't even have to limit ourselves to liquids. You may find yourself in situations with crying children and you could squeeze, oh, I don't know, say a toy train from your breast to bring joy to everyone around you.

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