Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The City Of Lost Children

I just saw "The City of Lost Children" online through Netflix. I've wanted to see it for ten years and just now got around to it.

What a gorgeous and inventive film. I recommend it to all of you even though some of you won't like it. It is a French film and it's subtitled. That turns some people off, but you may just want to watch it, rather than read it and enjoy the visual feast. Even the faces, the faces are wonderful, an entire cast of magnificent and interesting faces to absorb. You won't want to remove your eyes from the screen, and if you do, I'm afraid you won't be able, for they will be trapped like flies on sticky paper.

I've had "Alien: Resurrection" trapped in Tivo Limbo (Timbo) for months now, but I want to take a gander at it soon, as it's directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, co-director of this film. I want to see others by Monsieur Jeunet as well, "Amelie" and "Delicatessen" and whatever else I can find. See it, Love it, Taste it.

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