Thursday, March 13, 2008

Crust Psychology

Don't ever marry a person who leaves the pizza crusts. These people want to take all the good in life without accepting the not-as-good that fills out a life. They are shallow and immature. They'll eat you, all right, and you'll think they love everything about you. In truth, they love only your saucy bits. You won't know until the end because everybody saves the crust for last. Once the good times are over, you'll be nothing but crust with chewed ends and no one else will want you. You'll spend some humiliating time on a dirty paper plate before being dumped into a wastebasket and maybe some pathetic piece of you will think, "Oh, I'll bet that person misses me." But that person doesn't even remember you. That person is busy eating someone else's saucy bits.

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