Sunday, August 10, 2008

Funimation and Orwell: Two Great Tastes

Help me out here, gang. The wife requests that everyone out there who has DirecTV please tell customer service that they want the Funimation channel added to their line-up. Believe me, if you're an anime fan, you want it too. She suspects that it may happen as they just moved Noggin from channel 298 to 301, freeing up a spot right after Cartton Network and Boomerang, but who knows? Help a sister out. You can e-mail DirecTV here:
and you can e-mail Funimation here:
She would even get a Comcast box if they picked it up.

In a related story, some Orwellians have begun posting Orwell's diaries here:
Having begun yesterday, they're posting each entry on its seventieth anniversary, so today we get August 10th, 1938. What's neat is that you don't just get the entry, you get a hyperlinked entry with editorial footnotes (therefore I had the fun of learning that Orwell's dog was named Marx). Very cool. I'm not an Orwell scholar but I do believe that he was one of the most important writers who ever lived, not just for the content of his work, but for the style. I've linked a couple of times on this blog to his magnificent essay, Politics and the English Language, and there, I've just done it again.


jlaking said...

I don't have DirecTV but do have the Funimation Channel and would like to help.

I can tell you that The Funimation Channel have been airing promos for Mushi-Shi, BECK, Basilisk, Tsubasa and School Rumble; no dates were given just listed as 'Coming Soon'.

According to a fan report at this year's Funimation Industry panel at Sakura-Con (, Funi's Adam Sheehan told a story how the channel was able to be acquired in a small town.

Also, for those of you who ask about the Funimation Channel, you could also ask DirecTV how many people are needed with requests before they add a new channel.

Matthew Sanborn Smith said...

Fantastic, thank you!