Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wherein I Wallow In Consumerism

I tossed around the idea of getting a nano last week, an idea which is no small thing for me. In the forefront of my mind is the thought that I could spend the money on something more important. Like food. Or gasoline. Last week I couldn't do it. Yesterday, Apple sweetened the pot, releasing the newy ipods.

For a buck-fifty I get 8 gigs with some new features and that money would have gotten me 4 gigs last week. What is a weak-minded consumerist to do? I went for it. I got the red guy or should I say (red) guy. When you buy (red), Apple throws a little money at AIDS meds for Africans who need it. That sold red to me. I also liked blue and orange (yes, they have orange now. And yellow.)

I have to say I currently have a shuffle and I use it more than I use any device save my MacBook. I use it a lot. Mostly to listen to science fiction podcasts and stories. What got me on the nano train was that I wanted distinct playlists on the ipod so I could easily switch from science fiction to music and so that when I hit the wrong button and go back to the beginning of an hour and a half long podcast when I actually wanted to raise the volume, I can much more quickly get back to the point of the podcast to which I was listening. So these were real needs which I wanted met for a device that I use a whole bunch.

And for some reason I felt the need to justify that to you.

Engraving was free. I don't know if you can honestly call it engraving, but it is writing. I'm having the words, The One-Thousand, written on the back of mine to remind me of my goal.

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