Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tea at Rosemary's Cottage

Just saw Quantum of Solace with the family. I don't think any of us understood what the hell was going on but it was good Bondy fun. I didn't like the direction during the action scenes. The cuts were too fast. Otherwise, I did like the direction. We got to see snapshots of the civilians going about life or being affected by the craziness and violence going on around them. Not a lot, but enough to get a sense of people and place outside of Bond himself.

I found myself thinking outside the film a lot. I kept looking at the two-bit bodyguards that would go after Bond and I would think, "What are you, crazy, fellas? That's James fucking Bond! In the world of these films he is the deadliest man alive! To take a phrase from Michael Caine, why don't you just lie down?"

The other thing, and I know this is stupid, I started wrestling with the continuity. This Judi Dench M was around for his last adventures, but also his first, after the cold war but also before (or is it before?). Like I said I know it's stupid. These are movies, the land of make-believe, just shut up and watch.

There was a nice little Goldfinger nod in this one. And what's the matter with the title? Some dinks have complained about it. Who cares? You can have a James Bond movie that doesn't have "kill," "die" or "gold" in the title. It's not like it was called "Tea at Rosemary's Cottage." Stop being dumb.

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Diane Severson said...

Yeah, it was "(good) Bondy fun" (my parentheses), but why couldn't there also be a plot? And the title is dumb. Quantum of Snorefest is what it should have been!