Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Mangoes Are Coming! The Mangoes Are Coming!

The bounty of my yard. If the sausage trees that Adam West tried to grow in Family Guy actually existed, they might look something like this. These aren't actually sausages, or dog poo, but tamarinds. The former wife makes tamarind balls with them, mixing them with sugar and something else. They're her version of junk food.

We've got two coconut trees in the front yard donated long ago by my father-in-law. He assured us they'd only grow to about six feet. Maybe those are Trinidadian feet, because the mother-fuckers got to something like twenty feet tall. This one is hella laden, though they've still got some maturing to do. As Merv said, I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts.

The cashews have yet to come in. They're still flowersin' as the former wife would say. Lazy cashews!

And finally, we've had a couple of mango trees in the backyard for something like ten years and the bastards haven't done a thing for us. Now for the first time, we've got hot mango action happening back there. The stupid camera decided to focus on the trunk rather than the fruit, but the fruit doesn't look too bad. Soon it will be mango party time.

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