Saturday, September 12, 2009

StarShipSofa Stories, Vol I

To celebrate the one-hundredth episode of Aural Delights, StarShipSofa is releasing its very first print book, StarShipSofa Stories, Vol I!

From Tony:

"StarShipSofa Stories Volume 1 is only a few days away from going on sale. Here’s a sneak preview of the cover art, designed by Skeet.

"Skeet’s brief was to create a picture that would pay homage to the 50s SF pulp magazines. I think he’s produced an amazing piece of work.

"Get ready for the 16th September when the book will be available to buy in print form. There will also be a new website and free eBook released on that day.

"I hope you think it captures the style and feel of the SF Golden Years?"

1 comment:

Steve said...


That's going to blend in nicely with my old SF collection. It really does look like it came from the 1950's. Will the pages be yellow at the edges in side too? ;-)