Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mow No Mo'

First off, Episode 12 of Beware the Hairy Mango is up! It's called, "The Next Vampire Story." Go listen to it!

Couldn't we help the environment if we all stopped mowing our lawns? More grass would mean more carbon is being held in vege-spension, right? Not only that, but we'd emit less carbon dioxide because we wouldn't be running our lawn mowers. Spread the word on this. I can't stop mowing because those in charge of the place where I live apparently frown on unmowed lawns. I even had a cop hassle me about my lawn once. But if we can get the idea out now, maybe ten years from now it will be a movement. Let's go! No mow!

A new StarShipSofa is out there, ready for the taking! Go get it!

Aural Delights No 104 Sean Williams

Poem: The Send-Off by Lyn C. A Gardner

Fact: Talk by Amy H Sturgis

Intro to Mines of Barnath by Sean Williams

Main Fiction: A Map of the Mines of Barnath by Sean Williams

Fact: Progress Report 4 by Lawrence Santorow

New Titles: by Tony C Smith


JLeuze said...

I've got an old school reel mower which is super quiet and doesn't burn any non-human calories!

But unfortunately you do have to mow more often because it doesn't cut tall grass well. Maybe I should trade it for a goat...

Matthew Sanborn Smith said...

That's bizarre, that a techie-seeming guy like yourself even owns such a thing, much less uses it!

JLeuze said...

LOL, I tend to think of internal combustion engines as old fashioned relics of the industrial age!

I use human-power to get to work too, but I do listen to my iPod while I'm sweating, does that count?

Anonymous said...

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