Saturday, October 03, 2009

Some Stuff From Your Negligent Host

I've got about a million things to talk about, so why haven't I been blogging? Because I'm a knucklehead. Here are just a few things so I have something to forget to blog about tomorrow.

Beware the Hairy Mango is up to episode 9!:

In it, you'll hear that my house was broken into a couple of days ago and my laptop was stolen. Mega-bummer.

The new StarShipSofa is out:

Aural Delights No 102 Charles Stross

Editorial: StarShipSofa and the Future by Tony C Smith

Cover Art: Evan Forsch

Poem: Clone Assassin by Lyn C. A Gardner

Fact: Movie Talk by Rod Barnett

Fact: Science News by JJ Campanella

Flash Fiction: The Arrival of the Cogsmiths (oil on canvas, by Turner, 1815) by Fábio Fernandes

Main Fiction: Down On the Farm by Charles Stross

Fact: Progress Report 3 by Lawrence Santoro

New Titles: by Tony C Smith

Narrators: Julie Davis, Chris Booth, Diane Severson