Monday, June 21, 2010

The Strega Cristobel and the Old Rattler Ken

First off, let me say welcome to new follower, Kate! I think I've welcomed every follower except for one, because at the time I couldn't figure out which one of you it was. You were like an optical illusion in which a crowd of people seem to have developed an extra head. So a belated welcome to that person too.

Now I want to turn you on to magnificent narrator Larry Santoro reading a story by magnificent writer Larry Santoro. The story is The Strega Cristobel and the Old Rattler Ken and the venue is the Old Towne Books & Tea podcast. I downloaded this months ago but just listened today and the story is wonderful. I've already talked up Larry on this blog, go listen for yourself:

I have to be straight and tell you the host of the show is still feeling things out here as this is only episode 3 and he rambles a bit, so be patient or skip ahead. Enjoy the story.


Elke said...

Thanks for calling our attention to this story. I downloaded it ages ago too, and started to listen with the earbuds in while doing something or other, probably cleaning, until I began to realize the story needed more concentration to be appreciated. I meant to go back to it, but let it slip away. Going back now!

Matthew Sanborn Smith said...

Thanks, Elke. Larry is just wonderful to listen to!

Larry Santoro said...


As always, thanks for listening and I'm glad you enjoyed it. The book...JUST NORTH OF NOWHERE... is damn-near out of print and while the publisher is considering doing a new edition -- with appropriate corrections and some additions -- who knows when that'll happen.

Again, thanks and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Larry Santoro said...

My best to all the folk at StarShipSofa. I received the Captain's Log, by the way.