Monday, October 25, 2010

Dear Some People On The Internet

Dear Some People On The Internet,

You get upset at stupid things.

Many people die horrible and unjust deaths in this world. Many starve. Babies are beaten to death.

And you throw shitfits when someone offends you with their words.

Grow up. Grow a spine. The world isn't a polite place to be. We living things eat each other to survive.

Mom used to say, "If they're calling you names, just ignore them." What Mom knew but didn't say was that you can't change an asshole, so what are you going to do? Raise your blood pressure? Who's in control of you? You or Mean People?

I'm betting that people who have to struggle for food or for survival in a war zone somehow don't let other people's words eat them up. We can't help that we were born into our soft lifestyles, but let's get some perspective here. At the very least carry yourselves with some dignity so you don't look like whiners to the other three-quarters of the planet.

If you're planning to comment that I'm getting upset over a stupid thing, don't strain your fingers. I already know that.

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