Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thank You, Anonymous Friend!

Some wonderful one of you who doesn't want his or her identity to be revealed (even to me), has covered the fee for me for StarShipSofa's Online Writer's Workshop which I mentioned here a few days ago (You still have about a day and a half to sign up)! All I can say is:


I appreciate it greatly and would give you a big smooch if I knew who you were. Maybe that's why you don't want me to know! To sit at the virtual feet of Michael Swanwick, Sheila Williams and the gang as they dispense their wisdom for an hour or two is a fantastic opportunity. I'll pay your generosity forward in the future!

Who was that masked stranger?


Church said...

Well, I think you can rule out those of us who aren't signed up ourselves...

Anonymous said...

A happy Matt, building his craft, is enough reward for any--wait, smooches?