Friday, April 01, 2011

The Girl With the Halo

My latest story, The Girl with the Halo, is available for your reading pleasure! This is story number 117 of The One-Thousand, for those keeping track. It's part of a Chiaroscuro Mega-Issue celebrating the relaunch of their website.

Read it here:

and check out the rest of the first wave of stories here:



Elke said...

Oh my goodness. I'm catching up, and...whoa. That was a whole epic, in how many words? And this is from a little while back, right? You've just kept developing ever since. You're only going to use your powers for good, right?

Matthew Sanborn Smith said...

You're wonderful, Elke. If my arms were thirteen hundred miles long, I'd give you a hug. I'd be on the news a lot too.

Elke said...

Don't toy with me, sugar.