Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Help Another Brother Out

My twitter friend, and maybe yours, Bryan Thomas Schmidt, is in a bit a financial bind at the moment. You may follow him on twitter already at http://twitter.com/BryanThomasS, or you may have seen his twitter interviews there at http://twitter.com/sffwrtcht, where, every week, he interviews some very big names in the science fiction and fantasy field.

Bryan is looking for work at the moment and things have just about reached their limit. You can help and get a science fiction book for yourself in the process. Buy his book, The North Star Serial, Part 1 right here:


It's less than 10 bucks, even after shipping and tax. You'll get science fiction, you'll be helping writer through a rough patch and he'll be able to keep conducting those great interviews.

Update: Bryan says he's autographing every one of these mamma-jammas for ya!

You can help even more by telling others about this. Direct them to his site or to this one, spread the word through twitter, Facebook or on your blog. Or open your window and shout.

Thank you, everyone, for helping!