Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Let's Try This Again

Welcome, new follower, Snard! (and I've been calling him Mike all this time)

With the terrible news that science fiction author Colin Harvey died of a stroke yesterday and the scale telling me that I've regained twenty of the thirty-five pounds that I lost last year, I have decided to get healthier once more. I originally lost the weight to prevent my own stroke. My blood pressure, among other things, was way too high. After I lost the weight, I had the misfortune of having my doctor tell me that I was in good shape. That's when I began to slide.

Part of the slide was anticipated. I looked at my writing goals at the beginning of this year and realized I would lose ground if I was going to get things done. While I'm losing the weight, you see, I forgo caffeine, take in less calories and exercise and so I'm tired as hell. I have a different situation this year though. For one and two, I've discovered the power of freewriting and the kanban board. The other thing is last year I was taking care of my old and sick dog. She took a lot of time and woke me up multiple times each night. So, who knows, I may be able to get back into the slightly less lumpy shape I was in and also get some writing and podcasting done.

Sure hope so.


Elke said...

Here's to sleeping through the night. It's awesome. Man, I love it when that happens. If I wake up spontaneously after sleeping through the night, Appalachian Spring plays and I stretch & smile and say "what shall we do today?"

You lost 35 pounds last year? That's impressive. Does it follow that this year you only need to lose that 20? After what you've done, that should be a piece of...oh nevermind.

Matthew Sanborn Smith said...
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Matthew Sanborn Smith said...

(Removed that last comment by me because I used the wrong word and it was too late to edit.)

Actually, I'd like to lose twenty-five this time and give myself a little more wiggle room (in my later habits and my waistband).

Speaking of Appalachian Spring, have you heard Weezer's The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn)? I love it. You may or may not.