Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Flapper Was Leaking

The following story does not involve a urologist. It does, however involve a toilet.

I got hit with a water bill that was about fifty bucks more than usual and went to City Hall to check it out. They said I used ten-thousand gallons of water last month. I said that's crazy (that sounds like a whole swimming pool to me) and asked for someone to recheck my meter. Still waiting on that. The lady I spoke to said I might want to check for leaks.

I've known about a trickle in my toilet tank for a long time. It trickles from the tank into the bowl. But it seemed pretty innocuous. Yesterday I checked the meter several times and did some math. I'm letting over six-thousand gallons of water a month go down my toilet when I'm not using it! Holy cow!

I immediately went to Home Depot and replaced the flapper in the toilet tank. A six dollar solution. I'm horrified that I wasted so much water. Everybody, check your flappers. The strange thing is, I've known about the leak for a long time and yet my bill only went up last month. What's that about?


Church said...

Hrm. I had a high bill too. I'm going to have to check on that.

Skelly Rocker said...

10 Thousand Gallons of Water? That's an awful lot of water for a month isn't it. I must go and check the flow rates on all my taps and shower so I know how long I can take on personal hygiene.

Laverne Knight said...

Paying for more than you actually consumed is really mind-boggling! Ten-thousand gallons of water is quite a lot! Anyway, it’s good to hear that you discovered the cause and managed to find a solution right away. Otherwise, you might be still paying a lot for your water bill.

Lavern Knight @ Midland Mechanical