Saturday, March 10, 2012


Moebius passed away today. If you're familiar with Heavy Metal - either the magazine or the first movie - you're familiar with his work. I'm grabbing things for this post by way of posts from Neil Gaiman, Jimmy Palmiotti and Scott Edelman. I would loved to have seen his Dune on the big screen. I first read about it in Twilight Zone magazine just before Lynch's version hit. Here's a little article with some beautiful art from Edelman's wonderful mag, Science Fiction Age. And below is a great and inspiring (to me) documentary, In Search of Moebius.

It's awful to lose him, but great to have had his work.

In Search of Moebius - Jean Giraud clip1/3 by foivosloxias

In Search of Moebius - Jean Giraud _clip2/3 by foivosloxias

In Search of Moebius - Jean Giraud_clip3/3 by foivosloxias

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