Friday, September 22, 2006

We All Looked So Pretty

by Matthew Sanborn Smith

Darva became the first to find addiction in the new bodyform drugs. Her skin became smoother and smoother and her pores shrunk until she shone like soft plastic and couldn't go out on warm days. Fortunately, she never attempted exertion.

Mallory's waist shrunk until her bottom half went necrotic and fell off. Thank goodness the age of over the counter Waist-Away was the age of bottom half machines. She changed the faceplate on her artificial colon on a daily basis to match her nails.

David grew enough hair for his brother to cop a comb-over when they hit the bars together.

Trevor's penis enlargement nanos seemed at first to be leading to work in Hollywood but by the end he fainted with every erection with the sudden drop in blood pressure.

Andrea spent days locked in her hotel room after an overdose of Liposqueeze. Fat oozed from her skin until her bridesmaid dress was destroyed and she squirted out of her grandmother's embrace at the reception.

And lucky Drew, a prostitute so hooked on transgender medication that not only was he the first of his generation to reach artificially drug-induced hermaphroditic status, but in fact achieved a third sex as well, driving his/her/its asking price through the roof.

Catherine was found dead in her car days after leaving the pharmacy with her breast augmentation supplies in tow. The fat assemblers were supposed to stop once the nutrient sac was drained. Instead they fed off of Catherine's body while her swelling chest pinned her within her vehicle.

If only she had met Andrea.

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