Friday, December 14, 2007

Sex And Death 101

by Matthew Sanborn Smith

Forget what they told you in Health class. Babies are all there right inside their mommies from the get go, thousands of them, just waiting to be activated. It’s the man’s ding-ding, you see, that stabs around in there until it happens to tap the “On” switch for one or more of them and then they start to grow. Unfortunately the “On” switch is also the “Off” switch, so a tragic number of people are deactivated nearly as soon as they come to life. Those of us that make it, well, we’re walking around with the switch of Damocles hanging over our heads, aren’t we? A tap to the wrong place and we’re dead, switched off like a bathroom light.

This is why people say things like “He knows how to push my buttons,” or “That really turns me on.” As a doctor, you’ve got to know all this stuff.

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