Saturday, February 07, 2009

Shopping Spree

Steve! Welcome, my friend. Nice to see you here. The love train continues.

The best thing about having a stomach virus is that when you're getting over it and someone says, "You're full of shit," you can stand with fists firmly on hips and announce, "Not anymore, I'm not!" Not that I'm getting over a stomach virus or anything. These are just the things I think about when I'm grocery shopping without my iPod. And have to go to the bathroom. Now I can't wait for my next stomach virus so I can try that line out.

I'm lightening up on the iPod a bit, as well as the radio and the internet. My TV consumption is much less than it used to be. I used to eat about seven television sets a week. I'm now down to less than one. And, now that flat screens are all the rage, my waistline is really showing it. But I'm pulling back from net surfing because I want more writing time and I'm shooting for less audio input so I can sit and think. I don't do a lot of that anymore with ears constantly full.

And speaking of the grocery store, while shopping earlier, I bought a 12 ounce package of provolone. The package proudly proclaimed "50% MORE." Below that, in little print, it read, "Than our 8 ounce package." I thought that was a hell of a deal and bought two.

Then there was the mustard (Turkey subs/grinders/hoagies/heroes/atomic tarantulas for supper). The Wal-Mart "Great Value" brand stated on the label that it was "Prepared mustard." The word "prepared" didn't jump out at me on any of the other labels, so I thought I'd better buy the Wal-Mart brand. I didn't want to squirt anything on my sandwich that wasn't ready to be there. What have the other mustards been doing there on the shelf all this time, anyway? You'd think they would have plenty of time to pull themselves together and implement a plan. Ian was afraid that if he squeezed a bottle of the unprepared stuff, mustard seeds would come out.

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