Monday, February 09, 2009

Unpacking My Adjectives For Blossom

Hi gang!

I finished Fiction Crawler 5 a couple of hours ago and shipped it off to Tony. I must now sit and hope that he doesn't run any stories that I mention before he runs my bit. Living a quieter life (a little less radio, a little less iPod) was the right thing to do. Already, ideas are bubbling up out of my head. It wreaks havoc with my scalp, but we must suffer for our art.

Blossom Dearie has passed away. My generation mostly knows her for her Schoolhouse Rock songs Figure Eight and Unpack Your Adjectives. I shall unpack a few adjectives for her right now. Distinctive. Delightful. Girlish. Playful. Warm.

She wished me love. She told me so:

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