Monday, February 18, 2008

Follow The Bouncing Ball

Just about to mow and I spot a bunch (flock?) (gaggle?) (herd?) of seventeen white ibises cruising around my yard. I waited and let them fill their bellies on our bugs and slugs. I didn't want my dog to scare them off. This photo isn't of one of them. My yard is somewhat drier.

The great thing about being an ADD-riddled spaz is that you don't sweat jumping from project to project. My Process Five story is on temporary hold after a couple of days work while I polish up an old story for an anthology submission. The deadline is in ten days. The anthology is Jonathan Strahan's Eclipse Two and the story is For the Love of Ceelie (Number 26 in the canon). I used to think it was well-written, but it's five and a half years old and my chops have improved somewhat. I've always liked the story. I consider one of my more solid science fiction stories and it was the first of my stories to get the attention of a certain editor who had previously shown no interest in my work. So over the next couple of days, I can only make it better and I hope it will find a home.

I feel like I'm running a pound with that last sentence. I'd like to place each of my puppies with a loving family. Provided they pay for its shots and the spaying or neutering. Believe me, you don't want one of my stories getting knocked up by the story next door. No one will ever take that litter off of your hands.

It's getting late and I've been told to make supper. Damn, I wanted to mow, too.

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